Architectural trends that will represent this decade

Architecture is changing within times. As we all know different architectural styles represent different periods in history. The same is happening now – there are some architectural trends that are widely used and later people will recognize this period of time by the buildings and other objects created with these methods. Here is a list of some architectural trends that will represent our time.

Timber buildings are one of the most characterizing objects of 2015 and 2016. Of course, those are not simple one floor buildings which were designed many years ago. It is a trend that provides very high quality, strong constructions and even sustainability. Thanks to new innovations and techniques it is possible to make wooden buildings that are as strong as steel or concrete. They look very elegant. All kind of wooden concoctions can be made so they are different from each other, but still the timber represents the houses of this time.

Next trend is handmade bricks. Again, it is not going back in time. Architects have come up with new technologies how to make bricks so they wouldn’t look like simple manufactured bricks, but at the same time in high quality. Nowadays lots of architects are using these kinds of bricks in their projects so probably we will see lot of handmade brick buildings within next few years.

Next trend is cubic forms. This is not the newest trend, because cubic forms are now being used for several years, but they are still very popular. Especially bigger buildings are being shaped like many cubes put together. This is so popular because it is practical. It is easy for architects to use symmetric forms in their projects, but at the same time they look good and elegant. This will defiantly be something that represents our decade.

Linked towers and skyscrapers are now becoming quite popular. What is interesting, that many architects came up with this idea almost at the same time. There were several projects made in different countries that included connections between two relatively high buildings. Now there actually are many linked buildings and it has become almost like iconic for this time.

Then there also are plants integrated into urban architecture. That is very common for this time. There are gardens on the building roofs, plants on the balconies, living walls and other methods how to make urban architecture greener. This is a huge trend firstly because the sustainable principles are becoming very actual and also it looks very good and more and more people are willing to make the environment as green as possible.

And something very new and trendy is invisible architecture. Now there are only few architectural objects made with this method, but people love it so much, that there will defiantly be some more. The invisibility illusion is achieved with a high-tech LED facade system. That is something really impressive. Although it is still futuristic, that might become of trend within next few years.

There are also other things that highly represent today’s architecture, but all together today’s architecture is simple, practical and most important, sustainable. As it is so actual to think of environment nowadays, architecture is adjusted to sustainable principles.