Architectural movements throughout history

Probably anyone has noticed that buildings that come from different centuries resemble each other a lot. That is because architectural movements have changed many times before. These movements are not just simple way of planning the look of buildings, but it is a reflection to humans and whole society’s way of thinking. Let’s see how and why these movements have changed throughout history.

The first magnificent architectural movement was classicism. As this was the time of ancient philosophies, this architectural style represents these new ideas. The most distinctive characteristics of classicism include use of mathematical theories to make very harmonious and eye catching structures. Architecture of buildings was very simple, but at the same time very perfectly designed. This architectural style was mostly used by Romans and Greeks, but the methods and design of building in both civilizations was slightly different. Romans were more innovative, but Greeks remained the well known values.

The next movement was Gothicism. This architectural style was a result of architect’s luck of possibilities. They were frustrated, because it was impossible to build something more functional with the existing methods. They came up with some great ideas that made it possible to emphasize the verticality and light. Gothic buildings were a lot more functional, so this movement continued more than 400 years.

After Gothicism, Renaissance came. Although the Gothic buildings were lot more functional, architects wanted to go back to the classicism. Renaissance is not just architectural movement. It influenced many scopes, because people wanted to end the darkness of medieval times and go back to ancient times they considered to be better. Actually the concept of Renaissance architecture was similar to Gothicism, but with some magnificent elements from Classicism, such as pilasters, arches, domes and columns.

Then the Baroque came. This architectural style was influenced by Roman Catholic Church. It was considered that every building must contain religious themes. The most pronounced characteristic of this style was usage of curves and shell motives. Architecture wasn’t so similar and perfect anymore. Actually Baroque was a combination of many other architecture styles.

After Baroque the architectural movements changed very often. The old styles came back and mixed with something new, but the next meaningful movement was International style. It is the first stage of modern architecture. The main ideology of this movement was to make the whole society more transparent and open. They tried to make building more industrialized so the art turned into industry. This architectural style was something completely new. There were new methods used and also the look of buildings was incredibly different.

Later some new innovative architectural styles emerged for example brutalism. The purpose of them was to create something controversial. Architects wanted to make something completely new and that was challenging task, because it was almost impossible to think of something that hasn’t seen before. That’s why new movements are very interesting and even bizarre.