Why architecture matters?

Architecture just like fine arts is considered as something that performs only decorative functions. It is important for beauty and esthetics, but does it really matters for us? Would we be able to live without architecture and how would that change the quality of our lives?

Beauty and esthetics is not a necessity. If we look at Maslow’s pyramid, we can clearly see that it is on the very top and things on the top are those we don’t really need for normal existence. So the short answer would be – no, architecture doesn’t matter to the whole society together. But if it’s so, why do we still invest so much money to make our houses, parks and whole cities beautiful?

First of all, we must understand that architecture is not really only about beauty. Architects’ job also includes projecting the resources used for buildings or other objects. Every building must have a form, color and other aspects. Even if it is very simple, still it is some kind of design and there must be someone who creates it. That means we need architects and architecture just to have any kind of buildings at all. The same refers to landscape architecture. It still needs some planning, even if it’s very simple.

Another question is about the specific, complicated designs. As we all know, we doesn’t use architects only for basic creation of buildings or other objects. Some people even pay thousands of euros only for the design itself. So is this kind of architecture also needed and does it matters?

Actually, it does. Of course it is not the basic necessity of humans’ life, but it does matter in a very high level. First of all it is a part of culture. Nowadays we admire architectural objects from the previous centuries. The architecture can tell a lot about each period of history, because the overall ideology is reflected in architecture. It is the way humans express their thoughts and feelings. Without architecture, maybe we would miss important aspects of humans’ history.

Architecture, just like fine arts, also is needed for making everyday life more interesting. That might seem meaningless, but then why people go to other countries or even other parts of the world to admire some well designed buildings or other objects? That is because nowadays people really need something to admire. We need to see beautiful things otherwise our lives are empty and meaningless.

Also we must mention that architects are inventors of many things. Architects’ task is not only to make things beautiful, but also practical. That is why architects come up with some new creative ideas. In the future architects have designed windows, furniture, doors and other thing that now we see as self evident. Also nowadays they come up with all kind of innovations to make our living easier.

At the end we can definitely ensure that architecture matters for all of us. Today’s society wouldn’t be so developed without architects and also nowadays architects are doing important, meaningful work. Maybe we could live without architecture, but the life quality would be lot lower than it is right now.


What is landscape architecture?

If you think you have never seen an example of landscape architecture, you’re wrong. We see many examples of landscape architecture every day. Actually there are no elements in this world that wouldn’t be a part of landscape. Everything that we see around us is put in that exact order in some way. Sometimes this order is aesthetical and practical, but sometimes it’s not. Landscape architecture is the combination of processes that helps us to create landscapes that we like and need instead of unpleasant ones.

By the definition, the landscape architecture is the creation of the design in different type of outdoor areas, with purpose to achieve practical, social-behavioral, environmental or aesthetic outcomes. For example, it can be a creation of Public Park, design of residential estates, creation of street infrastructure, arranging of large wildlife areas, reconstruction of abandoned areas etc. So you can see that landscape architecture is very wide and complex field that includes knowledge of biology, horticulture, soil sciences, art, design, architecture, geography, ecology, psychology etc. That means a good landscape architect is aware of that and has skills and knowledge to work with any kind of projects.

Landscape architects have to work with outdoor areas according to some specific circumstances, such as, the size of workspace, the type of area (urban, suburban, rural etc.), the amount and type of recourse etc. The work of landscape architect includes the investigation of the area, the evaluation of ecological, social and biological aspects, project making of the desired and possible outcome and creation of the new landscape.
Exactly the investigation and projection phases are most important in landscape architecture. The hardest task is to put together all the technical aspects and creative desires. Usually there is contractor to each project who has his own vision, but in lot of cases it is not possible to realize that. The landscape architect must take all the technical aspects into consideration to realize this vision at least partly or to create something new that contractor will like. If the project is successful, all the further work is all practical and relatively easy.

To make it all clearer, let’s look at typical example. Very common task for landscape architect is to create a park or decorative garden. First he has to check all the technical aspects for example what kind of soil is there, so he would know what plants and trees will grow there. Also weather and climate must be taken into a consideration so these plants would keep growing after planting. If there is a need or desire for some artistic decorations, then also the aspects of their maintenance must be evaluated. So you see there is a wide range of aspects that must be taken into a consideration in each case. When it is clear what kind of resources it is possible to use, landscape architect can finally start to make a design and think of creative ways how to make the park or garden look aesthetical. If project is accurate and thought out until every detail, everything will look exactly as in sketches and will last for a long time.