5 Tips to Remember When Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for clothes can be fun and exciting but as you get older it becomes another chore on your list of to-dos. How many times have you bought something that didn’t fit right or that you didn’t end up wearing because you were in a hurry? Buying clothes is much different than buying beauty accessories. If you are looking for a brush like migliori spazzola lisciante you wont spend that much time choosing the best one.

Instead of wasting money, try out these 5 tips when shopping for clothes and enjoy the peace of mind that they can bring.

  1. Fall in Love
    We have all been told not to buy it unless we love it and this advice is so true for clothing. If you are going to spend money on something be sure it is something that you love, something that looks great and makes you feel good. If you see an item or try it on and it doesn’t make you feel beautiful put it back on the rack and move on. That amazing piece is out there and you will find it if you keep looking.

  2. Check the Price First
    There is nothing more satisfying than getting a good deal but there is nothing more disappointing than falling in love with something you can’t afford. When you are shopping for anything set a specific budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. Check the price before trying things on to avoid disappointment and hunt around for deals when you do see something you like. Even if its something simple like clotheshorse (itāliski – stendino elettrico) make sure you are comfortable with the price.

  3. Be Practical
    I have so many pairs of pumps in my closet that I have never worn. We all see those items that we simply love but will we wear them? It’s important to think about when, where, and how you will wear a piece before purchasing it. Otherwise, you will end up with a closet full of clothes that you can’t wear to the grocery store and a hefty credit card bill.

  4. Know Your Colors
    Everyone has that one color that always looks great on them, for me it is red. Look at yourself when wearing different colored clothing and find the color that suits you best. Once you have found ‘your’ color, buy it often. I’m not saying that you need to wear green every day, but if it suits you try to fit it in as often as you can.

  5. Forget Fashion for a Minute.
    Don’t buy items simply because they look cute on the mannequin or are in style, buy them because they look good on and flatter your figure. A bigger girl squeezed into skinny jeans or a skinny girl in a shift dress is not always a great fashion choice. Just because the A-line dress is in style doesn’t mean you have to wear it. If A-lines don’t suit you, find something that does. Fashion trends are meant to be bent and when something looks great it’s always in style.

Shopping for clothing doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult. Be creative and try new things but always remember to choose what looks best on you. Life doesn’t exist in the pages of a magazine and we are not all shaped like the models. Find pieces that flatter your figure and make you feel good and go with it. A fabulous outfit can be hard to find but if you look, it is out there.


Newest trend of landscape architecture – urban jungle

Every architectural movement has some ideological base. Although we cannot talk about one specific movement during 21 century, there are some common aspects and trends in modern architecture as well. Nowadays in city and landscape architecture very popular concept is urban jungle or miniature urban parks. Here is an explanation of what they are and why are they so meaningful in modern city and landscape architectures.

Those are small green areas in fully urban environment. For example, those can be small parks or gardens on the building roof tops or very small green areas in the middle of the city. There are many variations how to include some trees, grass, flowers and other plants into urban environment, but it is not only about aesthetics and creative ideas of making cities more beautiful.

The idea of it is to fight against the pollution and extinction of many plants. It is believed that the whole idea of it was created by the landscape architect James Corner. He created first urban jungle work on New York’s High Line. After that cities across the globe started to adapt this idea. While some municipalities follow the High Line’s blueprint of re-purposing abandoned rail lines, many others are just planting trees and pathways all around the cities.

So these small green areas are reflection of humans way of thinking. As we all know, one of the major concerns nowadays are of the huge amount of pollution. Cities are becoming bigger and green areas are slowly dispersing. Urban jungle is almost like a form of protest against urbanization. Of course, it also has some practical meaning as well – it brings some life into urban environment and produces some fresh air.

Although those parks are just small green areas into whole urban architecture, they are created by landscape architects, not traditional urban architects. It take some knowledge in gardening and horticulture to create something like that. Actually, creation of urban parks is very common task for landscape architects, although it is really not easy. Not all of the plants are willing to grow into such polluted environment. Landscape architects must find appropriate plants that are not self-rigorous. These plants must grow into polluted area and small soil layer. Beside all of that, the urban junge must look great together and fit in.

Just like renaissance architectural movement was a reflection of changes in humans way of thinking and thirst for freedom and discoveries, urban jungle is reflection of humans desire to live green and healthy. Although it is not one mutual concept that is uses in each and every architectural project, it is a very popular trend that is widely used. It is a mix of urban and landscape architecture that might be one of the aspects that describes architecture of our time.


Modern architectural miracles

We all admire the huge and luxurious castles and churches from the medieval times or ancient architectural wonders, but only few people are aware of masterpieces of modern architecture. World is full of amazing and unique ideas that is created by greatest architects of our time. Here is a list of the most incredible modern architectural miracles.

The first one is Cobra Tower in Kuwait. This concept is created by architect firm CDI Gulf International. The Tower is rotating, so it gives spiral effect. This project was started in 2008 and everyone was amazed of it. However, this tower is also being criticized a lot, because of lack of functionality. People doubt this project a lot, because it is created only to look good, not to actually be used as a building. Despite all of that, design is wonderful and unique.

Museum of Performance and Design in San Francisco is another great admirable design. This design of it was inspired form plain paper that is partly folded. It seems very simple, but putting this motive into architecture is just genius. Beside the original construction itself, this building also is equipped with projectors that makes it really unique. It creates illusion of changing the color and even allows to project realistic pictures on it.

Orbis apartments in Melbourne is one of the most iconic residential building in the world. It is so special because of its unique form. It looks almost unreal, because its design is inspired of surrealist painting. Facade of this building is malformed, but it looks really good. However, also this building is being criticized because of safety problems and functionality problems.

Cadaques and Dali house in Catalonia is also architecturally interesting project, just like the artist itself. Although the building itself is quite casual, it is supplemented with very unique element – huge white egg on top of the roof. It is not architecturally complicated design. It is very simple, but people loves it. Many tourists visits this pace just to look at this huge egg.

The last one in this list is Integral Iluminación Commercial Building in Guayaquil. It is transparent building created as a figure with with many facets. Also it is supplemented with interesting illuminations. It looks especially beautiful at nights, but the design is very complicated and specialized that it is also worth too see it at daytime.

These are just few of the incredible architectural masterpieces created within this century that shows the infinite creativity of modern humans mind. That means there are still some architectural wonders created. Even more, nowadays, thanks to modern building technologies, it is possible to make every designers dream come true. Huge castles and churches that we consider as irreplaceable as cultural heritage are not the only buildings that diverse to be admired.


Architectural trends that will represent this decade

Architecture is changing within times. As we all know different architectural styles represent different periods in history. The same is happening now – there are some architectural trends that are widely used and later people will recognize this period of time by the buildings and other objects created with these methods. Here is a list of some architectural trends that will represent our time.

Timber buildings are one of the most characterizing objects of 2015 and 2016. Of course, those are not simple one floor buildings which were designed many years ago. It is a trend that provides very high quality, strong constructions and even sustainability. Thanks to new innovations and techniques it is possible to make wooden buildings that are as strong as steel or concrete. They look very elegant. All kind of wooden concoctions can be made so they are different from each other, but still the timber represents the houses of this time.

Next trend is handmade bricks. Again, it is not going back in time. Architects have come up with new technologies how to make bricks so they wouldn’t look like simple manufactured bricks, but at the same time in high quality. Nowadays lots of architects are using these kinds of bricks in their projects so probably we will see lot of handmade brick buildings within next few years.

Next trend is cubic forms. This is not the newest trend, because cubic forms are now being used for several years, but they are still very popular. Especially bigger buildings are being shaped like many cubes put together. This is so popular because it is practical. It is easy for architects to use symmetric forms in their projects, but at the same time they look good and elegant. This will defiantly be something that represents our decade.

Linked towers and skyscrapers are now becoming quite popular. What is interesting, that many architects came up with this idea almost at the same time. There were several projects made in different countries that included connections between two relatively high buildings. Now there actually are many linked buildings and it has become almost like iconic for this time.

Then there also are plants integrated into urban architecture. That is very common for this time. There are gardens on the building roofs, plants on the balconies, living walls and other methods how to make urban architecture greener. This is a huge trend firstly because the sustainable principles are becoming very actual and also it looks very good and more and more people are willing to make the environment as green as possible.

And something very new and trendy is invisible architecture. Now there are only few architectural objects made with this method, but people love it so much, that there will defiantly be some more. The invisibility illusion is achieved with a high-tech LED facade system. That is something really impressive. Although it is still futuristic, that might become of trend within next few years.

There are also other things that highly represent today’s architecture, but all together today’s architecture is simple, practical and most important, sustainable. As it is so actual to think of environment nowadays, architecture is adjusted to sustainable principles.